State Commemoration in a Digital World

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State Commemoration in a Digital World

This session at the Institute of British Geographers Annual Conference considers how new ways of understanding the relationship amongst memory, state-sponsored history and national identity might be possible in a digital world.

In particular, it explores the role of social media and digital technology at memory sites and during commemorative events. This includes the forms and articulations of memory that the digital can enable, the publics that might be reached, and whether particular affective intensities can be brought into being by and/or through digital technologies. Papers will consider different aspects of the politics and experiences of memory and the state with reference to their articulation in or transformation by the digital world. This includes research about the digital – including digital technologies, social media or new forms of representing the past – and research undertaken using new digital methodologies.

Wednesday 30 August 2017, 11:10 – 12:50 (session 2)

Sir Alexander Fleming Building, Room 119

Imperial College, Exhibition Road