Dr Pierre Bouchat and Professor Olivier Luminet

This project consists in appraising the effects of November 11 commemoration movies on representations of WWI and pacifist attitudes of young university students. Commemorations are an important vector of social representations and values. They increase the sense of connectedness to the ingroup’s past, give direction to collective action and have the potential of shaping ingroup’s social identity (see e.g., Gkinopoulos & Hegarty, 2018). Several recent studies have underlined the effects of war commemorations on the modification of specific representations and pacifist attitudes (Bouchat, Klein, & Rosoux, 2016, in press). In line with these results, we will aim at appraising the effects of specific movies of November 11 commemorations on French and German speaking samples of students from Belgium.

A repeated measures design will be used in order to appraise the evolution of the variables of interest after the commemorative experience. More specifically, and in line with a narrative persuasion approach (see e.g., Hoeken & Sinkeldam, 2014), we will investigate the specific role of identification with character(s) and of emotions in the process of attitudinal and representational change. In addition to the main quantitative approach, we’ll use a more qualitative method in order to appraise the very experience of the vision of video extracts.