Position Papers
April 21, 2018

Accounting for experience: Commemorating 11 November 2018

Kesteloot, C and van Ypersele, L (2016) ‘Pour une analyse du phénomène commémoratif’, Journal of Belgian History 3/4: 207-222. Sumartojo, S (2016) ‘Commemorative atmospheres: memorial sites, collective events and the…
Position Papers
October 5, 2017

Commemoration reframed: Conceptualising commemoration from the perspective of experience

Ahmed, S (2004) The Cultural Politics of Emotion. London: Routledge. Drozdzewski, D (2016) ‘Encountering memory in the everyday city’, Memory, place and identity: Commemoration and remembrance of war and conflict. London: Routledge,…