Tom Sear is a PhD student in Cyber Security at UNSW Canberra at the Australian Defence Force Academy. His PhD explores digital commemoration and the warfare information space (notably interpersonal and social media-based communication) over the last century. It has a particular focus on the convergence and reflexivity between the memory of nodal conflicts from the twentieth century, contemporary war media ecologies and gaming within planetary scale computation. The purpose of this interdisciplinary research is to advise IT specialists, military personnel and educators how to maximize information tools within future conflict, by applying historical, social science and digital theory lenses to the analysis. His expertise also intersects methodologically with Cyber Security. His PhD considers the capacity and methodological impact of new tools for Information War analysis.

selected publications

2016, ‘Dawn Servers: Anzac Day 2015 and Hyperconnective Commemoration’, in West B (ed.), War Memory and Commemoration, Routledge, pp. 67 – 88,

2016, ‘Uncanny Valleys and Anzac Avatars: Scaling a Postdigital Gallipoli’, in Frances R;Scates B (ed.), Beyond Gallipoli: New Perspectives on ANZAC, Monash University Press, pp. 55 – 82,