Commemoration Reframed

Commemoration Reframed was a series of linked projects conducted in 10 countries that sought to open up new ways to conceptualise commemoration based on how people experience it. The findings were published in a unique collection of international and interdisciplinary research, Experiencing 11 November 2018: Commemoration and the First World War Centenary. The book argues that we need to move beyond discourse, narrative and how historical events are represented to fully understand what commemoration does, socially, politically and culturally. Adopting an experiential reframing, it treats sensory, affective and emotional feelings as fundamental to how we collectively understand shared histories, and through them, shared identities. The volume features 15 case studies covering a variety of settings and national contexts specific to the First World War. Together the chapters demonstrate that a new conceptualisation of commemoration is needed: one that attends to how it feels.

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